Kiku Cushion in Shiori

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A background of Pebble plays host to light bronze metallics and solid black foliage, with flowers depicted in soft tones of white and taupe.

The Kiku cushion is a needlepoint rendition of our wallcovering of the same name.

Inspired both by Japanese art and Europe’s infatuation with the form, our original wallcovering has a graphic, block-painted layout featuring elegantly rendered chrysanthemums, which we give a unique texture by sprinkling salt onto the paint while it is still wet.

We have replicated this effect in needlepoint by rendering the flowers and the background in a marl stitch, where two fine threads of different tones are used together to create a sense of depth. Black leaves nod to the block-painting style of our Kiku wallcovering, while the Hand painted veins in the original are rendered here in silver thread over-embroidery.


DIMENSIONS: 40cm x 25cm

Our cushions are backed with the finest Hainsworth wool cloth. The same cloth chosen for prestigious British uniforms, such as the striking scarlet of the Royal Guards and the ceremonial uniforms worn by the Royal Family during state occasions. They are then finished with trimmings from Samuel & Sons, a coveted source for the finest quality borders, braids, fringes, tassels and more.

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