Three Framed Bird Artworks (set B) in Sahara silk

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Framed Artwork

Set B includes the Serin, the Wood Warbler and the Fauvette.

This series of original bird paintings – presented in gilded bamboo frames – is our homage to the great Giuseppe Castiglione, an Italian Jesuit missionary who served as an artist at the imperial court in 18th-century China. Giuseppe pioneered the fusion of European and Chinese traditions, a theme very close to our hearts here at Fromental.

Having acquired around 400 coloured prints of European birds created from works painted by French ornithological artists in the 1950s, we selected our favourites to be interpreted by the extraordinary artists at our studios in Wuxi, China.

This set of 3 artworks, hand-painted onto a Sahara silk ground, represent a reasonably faithful interpretation of the original prints but through an unmistakably Chinese lens. Across the series, the birds remain completely recognisable as European species, while nuances in the rendering create a beautiful, subtly stylised result that bears many of the hallmarks of traditional Chinese painting.

DIMENSIONS: 24cm x 32cm

CRAFTSMANSHIP: Hand Painted on Silk

Each artwork is hand painted on silk and finished with a bamboo frame, here in the UK.