Hand-painted Velvet Throw in Famille Rose

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Soft Furnishing
A historic colourway used in porcelain of the Song Dynasty, Famille Rose combines shades of yellow, pink and turquoise with metallic bronze detailing.

Based on a section of a traditional Chinoiserie scenic, which we have hand-painted into velvet, these one-of-a-kind pieces blur the lines between soft furnishings and fine art.

To paint directly onto velvet, a hugely absorbent material, takes an incredible amount of control: the colours bleeding and flowing into each other seemingly with a mind of their own. Only a virtuoso would be mad enough to attempt it. Happily, our artists – exponents of the free and spontaneous “unconscious” painting style – are masters of the craft.

Each throw is wadded and then backed with a joyously tactile, ecologically friendly faux cashmere. They are a joy to behold (and indeed hold).

CRAFTSMANSHIP: Hand Painted on Velvet

DIMENSIONS: 195cm x 140cm

This hand painted, velvet throw is backed with the finest Hainsworth wool cloth. The same cloth chosen for prestigious British uniforms, such as the striking Scarlet of the Royal Guards and the ceremonial uniforms worn by the Royal Family during state occasions.

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