Damask Cushion in Red

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We are huge admirers of late 14th-century tapestries, largely because of the uniquely wonderful way they depict clothing. The weavers who created these works had such skill that they could capture the nature of fabric, with its textures and folds, almost in three dimensions.

For our Damask cushion, we focused on a tiny part of such a tapestry: a fragment of a nobleman’s gown. Recreating it in needlepoint, we took great care to incorporate the folds of the fabric that had been so expertly rendered in the original tapestry.

With its over-embroidery in metallic thread (replicating the gold brocade in Italian damasks), and its deep red hues, our Damask cushion screams opulence.


DIMENSIONS: 40cm x 25cm

Our cushions are backed with the finest Hainsworth wool cloth. The same cloth chosen for prestigious British uniforms, such as the striking Scarlet of the Royal Guards and the ceremonial uniforms worn by the Royal Family during state occasions.

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